Trackless Train Rides for Sale

Type Trackless Train Rides for Sale
Size 2.3(L)*1.1(W)*2.4(H)m
Speed 0-20km/h
Capacity 6-24
Tel +86 18300703657



Trackless train rides for sale is electric train ride, which powered by a silent 48-volt motor. Trackless train rides include a locomotive and several wagons, and every wagon can hold 2-4 adults and children. The max speed of trackless 20km/h, turning radius is 5.5 m. Every train equip with LED lights, mp3 player and seat belts.

The number of wagon, color and LED lights can be customzied.

Technical Parameter of Trackless Train for Sale

Trackless Train Rides for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Trackless Train Rides for Sale
Capacity 6-24
Size(m) 2.3(L)*1.1(W)*2.4(H)
Color Customized
Turning radius(m) 5.5
Max speed(km/h) 20
Bettery set 48v/45a
Power(kw) 3

Advantages of Trackless Train Rides for Sale

  • High quality materials with competitve price(5 layers FRP)
  • Bright Color Painting
  • High quality LED lights
  • More than 14 kinds decoration animals
  • 2 years warranty

Succeessful Case

Last month, our trains have been sild to Zambia. They send email for 5 trackless train with 8 wagons. After discussion, customers decided spary yellow and red paint and classic type locomotive. In addition, customers suuggest  remove mp3 player. After one month, we finish the manufacture and pack all the components and trains.

The following pictures are the manufacture process and the materials.


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