Spiral Jet Rides for Sale

Item Spiral Jet Rides for Sale
Capacity 16
Diameter 10m
Area diameter 13m
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Tel +86 18300703657

This rides is belongs to swing equipment. When spiral jet rides for sale is running, the suspended cabins are lifted up one by one. This spiral jet rides for sale is similar to swing chair but there are differences. This rides have less risks, so it is more suitable for kids or the old.




Detailed Technical Parameter of Spiral Jet Rides

Spiral Jet Rides for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Spiral Jet Rides for Sale
Capacity 16
Diameter(m) 10
Area diameter(m) 13
Power(kw) 15
Voltage(v) 380

Features of Spiral Jet Rides for Sale

  • Magic centrifugal force
  • LED lights and smooth music
  • Qualified material
  • Customized is available
  • 360 degree rotary

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