Rotary Jellyfish Rides for Sale

Item Rotary Jellyfish for Sale
Capacity 24~32
Height 5m
Area 10m
Tel +86 18300703657

Rotary Jellyfish is a small amusement rides, which combines colorful balloons and beautiful cabins. This amusement rides can be set to up and down, revolution, rotation. In fact, rotary jellyfish is a small scale shake-head flying chair, and, the cabins of rotary jellyfish could be controlled by the passengers, they can operate control robs to up&down and rotate.


Rotary jellyfish and samba balloon are similar, which belong to a new type of amusement equipment.


Detailed Technical Parameter of Rotary Jellyfish

Rotary Jellyfish for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Rotary Jellyfish for Sale
Capacity 24~32
Height(m) 5
Area(m) 10
Size(m) 7.5
Speed(m/s) 1.7
Power(kw) 11.5
Voltage(v) 220/380

Features of Hot Sale Roller Coaster for Sale

  • Vivid appearance
  • LED lights and smooth music
  • Qualified materials
  • Bright color and cute patterns

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