Rocket Bungee Jumping for Sale

Item Rocket Bungee Jumping for Sale
Capacity 1/2
Area 28*15m
Color Customized
Tel +86 18300703657

Powerlion moon flying car is a large scale amusement rides, which have 3-5 half-moon shaped tracks. Every track equipped with a mini car with wheels, and every car contains 1-2 person. When this rides turning on, cars will slide through lanes up and down. The highest altitude it can reach is 12m, and the space area of this ride is 20*8m2.

This moon flying car is suitable for amusement park, theme park, public squares and tourist attractions. It is a thrilling rides which appeals most young people. And customized is available, because we have our factory and designers. No matter color and capacity, we can design according to customers’ needs.

Powerlion amusement rides company have long history of rides-making, and products have been exported to more than 20 countries. Moon flying car is very popular in west Europe countries and America.

Detailed Technical Parameter of Rocket Bungee Jumping for Sale

Rocket Bungee Jumping Technical Parameter
Item Rocket Bungee Jumping
Capacity 1/2
Tower height(m) 28
Running height(m) 36
Area(m) 28*15
Power(kw) 15
Color Customized

Features of Rocket Bungee Jumping for Sale

  • Thrilling rides & High altitude rides
  • Customized design
  • Safety insurance
  • Guaranteed materials

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