Robot Ride for Sale

Item Robot Ride for Sale
Capacity 1/2
Size 1.2*1*1.3m
Loading weight 75kg
Tel +86 18300703657

Robot ride is newly designed in recent months. This rides is suitable for all ages and various places(shopping malls, amusement parks, theme parks and public squares).

Passengers just sit on the seats and control operate lever to move. It is easy to ride, so robot ride becomes popular increasingly. As for materials, we select top class fiberglass and stainless steel to make sure the safety and service life. Colors and seats can be customized, we have lots of  types of robot model.

Powerlion robot ride combines attractive appearance and delicate design. And every robot equips with LED lights and mp3 player, in order to give passengers a wonderful riding experience.

Detailed Technical Parameter of Robot Ride

Robot Ride for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Robot Ride for Sale
Capacity 1/2
Size(m) 1.2*1*1.3
Loading weight(kg) 75
Size(m) 151.2*1*1.3
Voltage(v) 380

Features of Robot Ride

  • Easy to carry
  • Customized available
  • Top class quality
  • Easy to control
  • LED lights and mp3 player

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