Racing Go kart for sale

Item Racing Go Karts for Sale
Capacity 1
Load 200(kg)
Max Speed 80-130(km/h)
Tel +86 18300703657

Description of Go Kart

Powerlion Go kart is one of special motor sports. It is not only a sports of the auto field competition, but also a popular leisure, fitness and entertainment rides. The structure of the go-kart is relatively simple, which use light steel pipe frame, and equipped with 200cc and 270cc petrol engine. In short, it is 4-wheeled single-seat mini racing car. There are two types of go kart, leisure type and racing type.

Powerlion leisure go kart has 200cc petrol engine, and the maximum speed of this car is 80km/h. Leisure go kart allowed all ages to ride, but kids need guardians to protect.The speed of the racing go kart can reach 130km/h, which only allowed adults to drive. Due to its extremely low chassis (only 4cm off the ground), the relative speed perceived by the driver is 2-3 times higher than the actual speed, which means the speed of feeling is 300km/h. Especially in the corners, it will produce 3-4 times the lateral acceleration of gravity, so that the driver can experience the fun of higher speed.

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Structure of Go Kart

The go kart structure is very simple, which consists of a steel pipe frame, steering pedals, fuel tanks, transmission chain guards, rider seats and crash bumpers. Go karts are easy to driving, and drivers must wear a protective helmet and gloves. Before driving, drivers only need to remember brake on the left foot and accelerator on the right foot. The chassis of racing go kart is very low, only 4cm from the ground, and the runway is smooth, all of these bring drivers amazing and exciting feeling. They can experience the pleasure of driving. Although the speed can reach 130km/h, you do not need worry about the safety problem. Once out of the runway, the kart will automatically stop and stop, will not roll over, to ensure the safety of the driver. Once go karts run out of the runway, the kart will automatically stop, which ensure the safety of the driver and prevent turnover.

Detailed Technical Parameter of Racing Go Karts

Racing Go Karts for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Racing Go Karts for Sale
Capacity 1
Load(kg) 200
Max Speed(km/h) 80-130
Material Iron
Braking method Hydraulic
Package Size 170*110*52cm
Color  Adjustable

Driving Regulations

  • Left foot pedal is brake, right pedal is accelerator
  • Don’t keep the left foot pressed on the ankle to avoid wearing out the brake pads
  • Do not accelerate fiercely
  • Do not overtaking when you uncertain
  • Obey the command of the staff
  • No reverse driving
  • When you have problem on track, please raise your hand and ask staff for assistance
  • Driving into the parking area when you finish driving

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