Ocean Themed Carousel Rides for Sale

Item Ocean Themed Carousel Rides for Sale
Capacity 24
Diameter 8.5m
Running time  1-6min
Email export@newlilian.com
Tel +86 18300703657

From the name of this amusement rises, we can clearly see the features. Normally, carousal rides involve colorful horses and pumpkin carriages. But this rides is the freshly ocean themed carousel rides, with the shape of fish, sharks, hippocampus and so on. This rides is newly designed, which meets the demands of market. The mainly color is bule, give people a feeling of fresh and leisure. Our designers use ocean animals instead of horses and pumpkin carriages. When passengeres take this rides, they seem like swimming freely in the deep ocean. Ocean themed carousel is suitable for amusement park, theme park or public squares.





Powerlion own factories in Xingyang, Henan Province. Without third parties, our company directly sale products to customers. In this way, we have the advantage of lower price than others but higher quality. Recently, our company give a 10% discount from January to March, it is a competitive price among markets.


Detailed Technical Parameter of Ocean Themed Carousel Rides for Sale

Ocean Themed Carousel Rides for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Ocean Themed Carousel Rides for Sale
Capacity 24
Diameter(m) 8.5
Running time (min) 1-6
Height(m) 4.5
Type top-driven
Material FRP&steel

Features of Ocean Themed Carousel Rides for Sale

  • Ocean theme——appeal children’s attention at sight & painted with blue pigment
  • Qualified material——FRP & sprayed dust-resisting paint to extend the longevity of rides
  • Top-driven——comfortable riding experience & easier operation
  • Customized is available

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