Modern Times Ride for Sale

Item Modern Times Ride for Sale
Capacity 18-24
Height 6.5m
Speed 3.5rpm
Tel +86 18300703657

Modern times ride is latest designed rides in our company. The whole design of modern times is classic and vintage. From the pictures, the cabins are designed like a carriage, passengers will experience the feeling of taking carriages.

When this ride turning on, every arm will up and down, then carriages up and down accordingly. Every carriage takes 2-4 person, the total capacity is 16-24 person. And the speed of modern times is gentle and average, which is 3.5 rpm.

Powerlion modern time rides have novel design and modern technology, to extend the longevity of products. Both the quality and price, our company will not disappoint you.

Detailed Technical Parameter of Modern Times Ride

Modern Times Ride for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Modern Times Ride for Sale
Capacity 12-24
Cabin No. 6
Size(m) 8×8
Diameter(m) 9
Speed(rpm) 3.5
Height(m) 6.5
Power(kw) 12

Features of Modern Times Ride

  • Unique and novel design
  • Bright color and music player
  • Top class material and accessories
  • Competitive price and high quality
  • Fast delivery

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