Mini Inflatable Bumper Cars for Kids

Item Mini Inflatable Bumper Cars
Capacity 2
Height 0.95m
Diameter 1.8m
Tel +86 18300703657

Mini inflatable bumper car is specially designed for kids to ride. Our designers consider the small body size of kids, so the seats are small and comfortable, which could prevent accidents. Inflatable bumper car have similarities with bumper car, but there are differences. When riding, the percussive force of inflatable bumper car is smaller than rubber bumper car, which protect passengers effectively.

Powerlion inflatable bumper car use high-density PVC and plastic seats, but the inner structure is steel, which have been polished twice to extend longevity.

Inflatable bumper car is suitable for amusement parks, theme parks, malls and public squares.

kids-inflatable-battery-operated-bumper-car in Xinlilian

Mini inflatable bumper car depends on its prominent advantages, leaping on the hot sale list in recent years. And no matter the price  or the quality, we can make sure our products are the best in the market.

Detailed Technical Parameter of Mini Inflatable Bumper Cars

Mini Inflatable Bumper Cars Technical Parameter
Item Mini Inflatable Bumper Cars
Capacity 2
Height(m) 0.95
Diameter(m) 1.8
Speed(m/s) 8
Weight(kg) 100
Voltage(v) 24
Material FRP& PVC & steel

Features of Mini Inflatable Bumper Cars

  • Easier to drive——operate lever to control
  • Delicate design——protect the safety of kids
  • Unlimited ground——suitable for many places
  • Lower price——cost is much lower than other kind of bumper car
  • Special material——PVC & FRP
  • Safe insurance

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