Mini Carousel Rides for Sale

Seats 6-10
Power 2-8.5kw
Diameter 2.2-5m
Height 2.8-6.5m
Tel +86 18300703657

Mini carousel rides is specially designed for kids. And the size this kind of carousel is small, so the capacity is relatively small. Usually, the capacity of mini carousel rides is 6 or 8 person. The cabins of mini carousel are designed like blankets or mushrooms, which are cute and delicate. Our mini carousels have different types, like top-driving and bottom-driving. Normally, top-driving is expensive than bottom-driving, because top-driving select modern technology and this kind of driving system is more durable and safety. Hence, we usually recommond top-driving  carousel to customers.

Although mini carousel has small size, but all of accessories are complete. For the reason that this rides is for kids , both the materials and design, we try our best to give children a wonderful riding experience.


Bright color and cartoon shapes attract many kids, and this mini carousel allowed adults to accompanied. Parents are able to play with their kids. From the former sales record, we have been sell more than 200 mini carousels, and none of them have broken down or safety problems. Please choose and purchase our products trustingly.


Detailed Technical Parameter of Mini Carousel

Mini Carousel Rides Technical Parameter
Item Mini Carousel Rides
Capacity 6-10
Height(m) 2.2-5
Diameter(m) 2.8-6.5
Power(kw) 2-8.5
Voltage(v) 380

Features  of Carnival Carousel Rides

  • Delicate Designed Cabins
  • Mini Size
  • Capacity and color can be customized
  • Adjustable speed
  • Qualified materials——FRP & stainless steel & iron

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