Large Suspension Roller Coaster for Sale

Item Large Suspension Roller Coaster for Sale
Capacity 20
Length 780m
Height 33m
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Large Size Suspension Type Roller Coaster Rides is a roller coaster amusement rides, mainly aimed at the problem of  passengers’ eyesight is easily blocked by the original roller coaster compartment, leading to the problem of lacking sense of space. But the design of suspension roller coaster ride is improved. Original passenger compartments of suspension roller coaster was modified, replaced by directly suspended seats under the track.


Powerlion suspension roller coaster makes passengers exposed to air, expanding the passenger’s horizon. When riding, passengers sometimes will feel like falling from the sky, sometimes feel like flying to the air, which greatly increased the thrilling and irritating feeling of roller coaster. The suspended seat can reduce the total weight of roller coaster and decrease the strength of the rails and brackets, at the same time, reducing costs.

Detailed Technical Parameter of Large Suspension  Roller Coaster

Large Suspension  Roller Coaster for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Large Suspension Coaster for Sale
Capacity 20
Length(m) 780
Height(m) 33
Numbers of car 10
Speed(m/s) 77
Area(m) 145*170
Power(kw) 160

Features of Large Suspension Roller Coaster

  • More exceiting
  • Suspension seats
  • Qualified materials
  • Capacity and color can be customized

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