Bounce Jumping Machine Rides

Item Bounce Jumping Machine Rides
Capacity 30 Persons/36 Persons
Diameter 11-12 m
Height 5.2 m
Tel +86 18300703657

Bounce machine jumping rides is one of large amusement machine, which is exciting and thrilling.It can  bring happiness and excitment for children and adults.

When it working, all of arms will lift up and down in a fast speed and cabins rotate 360 degree. This equipment is suitable for all ages. Children can rides accompanied by parents.

Detailed Technical Parameter of Bounce Jumping Machine  Rides

Bounce Jumping Machine Rides Technical Parameter
Item Bounce Jumping Machine Rides
Capacity 30 Persons/36 Persons
Diameter(m) 11-12 (optional)
Height(m) 5.2
Rising height(m) 4.9
Space area(m) 13*13
Power(kw) 22
Color can be customized
Voltage(v) 380v
Rotating speed(m/s) 10 RPM

Features of  Bounce machine jumping rides

  • 360 degree rotary
  • Safe insurance
  • Color and capacity can be customized
  • Top class materials
  • LED lights and smooth music

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