Human Gyroscope Rides for Sale

Item Human Gyroscope Rides
Capacity 2/4/6
Height 3.2/3.4/3.4m
Speed adjustable
Tel +86 18300703657

The human gyroscope rides for sale is a new type of amusement rides, which is developing from the training pilots and astronauts devices. Passengers experience 360 degrees rotary, and the speed can be fast or slow. Passengers have a chance to experience the special feeling of rotary in a three-dimensional space, at the same time, they will relax the body muscles and acquire happiness.

2-seat-spaceba-ride-for-sale in Xinlilian

Detailed Technical Parameter of Human Gyroscope Rides

Human Gyroscope Rides for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Human Gyroscope Rides
Capacity 2/4/6
Height(m) 3.2/3.4/3.4
Speed(m/s) adjustable
Area(m) 3.5*3.5/4*4/4*4
Power(kw) 2.2/3/3
Voltage(v) 380

Features of Human Gyroscope Rides

  • Delicate design
  • 360 degree rotary
  • Lower cost
  • Easy to installation
  • Color and capacity can be customized

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