Kiddie Elephant Trackless Train for Sale

Capacity 14 Person
Material Stainless steel , Fiberglass and iron
Motor power 1.7kw/15A
Voltage 6pcs 12V Lead-acid batteries
Tel +86 18300703657

Kiddie elephant trackless trains for sale is one of popular amusement rides in recent years.  Kiddie or Mini elephant trackless train is designed according to the kids favor. Shopping malls have large needs for this kind of trackless train. And our trackless trains for sale with elephant images are good choice to attract adults and kids. The locomotive is designed like a elephant, appealing children’s eyesight.

Although the size of kiddie elephant is smaller than other kinds of trackless train, the capacity is 14 person. The capacity of every cabin is 2 to 4 person. But the differences between vintage trackless train and elephant train lies in the design of cabins. Usually, patterns on vintage trackless train is  simply and succint, but elephant train cabins are painted bright colors with brilliant patterns.



Powerlion amusement rides company is a professional company in China, with rich exported experience. Our kiddie elephant trackless trains combine both safety and price advantages. Mini elephant trackless train rides for sale is durable ,firm, environment friendly, because it use fiberglass reinforce plastic(FRP), steel and iron structure. Powerlion have perfect after sales service and competitive price, welcome field working.


Technical Parameter of Kiddie Elephant Trackless Train Rides

Item Kiddie Elephant Trackless Train
Capacity 14 Person
Material Stainless steel , Fiberglass and iron
Motor power 1.7kw/15A
Voltage 6pcs 12V Lead-acid batteries; total 12*6=72V
Cabin 1 locomotive & 3 wagons
Locomotive size 2250*1100*2000mm
Size of the wagons 2000*1100*2000mm
Power 1.2KW
Min. Turning Diameter 8m
Customized can add another 2 coaches; colors

Features of Powerlion Trackless Trains

  • Attractive appearance——novel shape & cute images
  • Qualified material——FRP & stainless steel & iron
  • Customized is accepted
  • LED lights and smooth music

Advantages of Powerlion Elephant Trackless Train Rides

  • Ecxellent after-sale service
  • Customized is available
  • Certificatea: ISO9001, CE, OHSASI8001, ISO14001
  • Competitive price
  • Fast delivery and convenient transportation
  • 24 hours online service

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