Electric Dodgem Car for Sale


Type Electric Dodgem Car for Sale
Size 1950*1250*950mm
Speed 2m/s
Capacity 2
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Tel +86 18300703657

Powerlion electric dodgem car for sale is hot sale product in recent years. We use modern technology——one – staged modeling. In this way, our electric dodgem cars have the advantages of durable and longer longevity. What is more, our electric dodgem cars equipped with best battery and the materials we selected are high quality FRP, iron and stainless steel. It is known that the speed of dodgem car is faster than inflatable bumper car, and another advantage of dodgem car is adjustable speed. One seat or double seats dodgem car is available, customers could select acoording to needs.


Features of Battery Powered Bumper Cars

  • Top class material——FRP & PU
  • One-staged molding—— extending the life span of bumper cars
  • LED lights & smooth music
  • Color and shapes can be customized
  • Safe insurance—— seat belts & hand rails

Detailed Technical Parameter of Dodgem Car

Electric Dodgem Car for Sale Technical Parameters
Type Electric Dodgem Car for Sale
Size(mm) 1950*1250*950
Speed(m/s) 2
Capacity 2
Battery 2/12/80
Material steel/FRP
Charging time 2-7hours
Light LED lights
Voltage (v) 24v

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