Double-deck Carousel for Sale

Item Double-deck Carousel
Capacity 24
Diameter 8m
Height 4.8m
Tel +86 18300703657

Double-deck carousel for sale is another popular carousel item. It looks more luxurious and dreamlike. The type and shape of double-deck carousel for sale are similar to common carousel, but the advantages of this rides is capacity. Honestly speaking, a double decker carousel makes amusement park more manner. From our former feedback of doubel decker carousel, it becomes a landscape of amusement park and attract increasingly number of passengers.

Advantages of Double Decker Carousel:

  • Large capacity——bring more profit
  • Attractive appearance—— luxury & dreamful
  • Shapes and color can be customized——factories will maunfacture according to customers’ demands
  • Adjustable speed
  • Various shapes
  • International certificates








Successful Case

Last December, our sales manager received an email, which is from Vietnam. This Vietnam cutomers wanted to bulid amusement park. Our sales department send price list and product catalogue, at the same time, invited them to visit our factories and offices. Before they left Zhengzhou, customers suggested that our sales team to Vietnam having a fieldwork. Our sales team inspect the local situation and referred former Vietnam cases, then came up a park design project and recommond 10-15 equipment for customers. Vietnam customers are satisfied with our plan, after two days discussion of contract details, we finally signed up contracts.

Detailed Technical Parameter of Double-deck Carousel for Sale

Double-deck Carousel for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Double-deck Carousel
Capacity 24
Diameter(m) 8
Height(m) 4.8
Speed(m/s) 3.5
Material FRP&steel
Power(kw) 6
Voltage(v) 220/380

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