Tagada Disco Rides for Sale

Item Tagada Disco Rides for Sale
Capacity 8/16/24/40
Diameter 5*6/7*5/8*8/10*10m
Area 5*6/7*5/8*8/10*10m
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Tel +86 13526898725

Tagada disco rides is a common rides in many large amusement parks, theme parks. It is a big disco turnable that can roll over and rotate. Visitors sat around the sofa and hold on the handrails, accompanied by rhythmic music, the turnable will whirling violently. It is not fixed when this rides turning on! When the disk is running, just like the bumpy waves in the sea.

Also it seems as a spacecraft, which changes every second, fast or slow. Amusement park Tagada disco rides is a large gyroscopic high-speed rotary equipment. Passengers clinging to the cockpit tightly, the body seems no longer belongs to themselves. Disco turntable can rotate 45 degrees, passengers sit in the seat, this rides up to the highest point, startled a bit, then passengers will fall from the seat.


Detailed Technical Parameter of Tagada Disco Rides

Tagada Disco Rides for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Tagada Disco Rides for Sale
Capacity 8/16/24/40
Diameter(m) 5*6/7*5/8*8/10*10
Area(m) 5*6/7*5/8*8/10*10
Height(m) 3.8/3.8/4/4
Speed(m/s) 1.6/1.6/1.6/1.6
Power(kw) 17/22/25/40
Voltage(v) 380

Features of Tagada Disco Rides for Sale

  • Adjustable speed
  • 360 degree rotary
  • Capacity can be customized
  • LED lights and exciting music
  • Safe insurance

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