Carnival Booths for Sale

Powerlion Carnival Rides for Sale is specially designed for carnival. Our carnival booths are popular in recent years, there are various types of booths, you can choose from our wide range. No matter the color or size, we can manufacture according to your demands. Carnival booths suitable for many places, both indoor and outdoor, parks and malls. Bright color and  cute design attract people’s attention immediately, and you can also install mp3 player.

Tourists can use darts or peashooter to shoot gifts in the booth. The one tourists shooting on is the prize for tourists. And there are other types of booths, like turntables and ringing gifts with wooden loops.As for the materials, we select top class stainless steel and iron structures, also, we can produce wooden booth as long as customers demand. The whole booth will spray with dust proof paint to extend the life time.

These are several of our products, you can select one and send email to us for price.

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