Big Pendulum Rides for Sale

Item Big Pendulum Ride for Sale
Capacity 6-36
Size 4*6/10*10/10*14m
Area 6*8/10*12/12*18m
Tel +86 18300703657

Powerlion Big pendulum ride is one of the most famous amusement rides in amusement park. Because it is a thrill equipment, it can appeal a lot of young people. Young people prefer the feeling of thrilling and stimulating. Big pendulum rides consists of one arm, iron prop, pedertal and a swing gondola. The gondola fixed in the iron prop and swing in a large radian, at the same time, the gondola can spin 360 degree. Passenger will rolling-over in the sky. When people take this ride, they can image they are flying in the sky in a fast speed. The speed of large scale big pendulum is 110m/s, which is like a car driving in the highway.

Powerlion amusement rides company have long history experience of manufacturing. In China, our company have been design and build dozens of amusement parks, so our company have manufacturing experience and guaranteed products.

Detailed Technical Parameter of Big Pendulum

Big Pendulum Rides for Sale Technical Parameter
Item Big Pendulum Ride for Sale
Capacity 6-36
Size(m) 4*6/10*10/10*14
Area(m) 6*8/10*12/12*18
Height(m) 4/9/9
Speed(m/s) 45/45/110
Power(kw) 6/18/70
Voltage(v) 380/380/380

Features of Big Pendulum Rides for Sale

  • 60-360 degree swing and rotary
  • Safe insurance
  • LED lights and smooth music
  • Various types for customers to choose
  • The color can be customized

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