Amusement Park Carousel Rides for Sale

Seats 6-32
Power 2-8.5kw
Diameter 2.2-10m
Height 2.8-6.5m
Tel +86 18300703657

Carousel (also known as merry go round) for sale can be called the most popular amusement rides in our company. It looks like a magic castle, espeically after sunset, all LED lights shine.  In our company, there are two types of carousel — top-driving and bottom-driving. The differences between two types lies in the position of motor. The motor of top-driving carousel set on the paltfond and botom-driving is on the bottom of carousel.

  • Guaranteed material– FRP & stainless steel & iron
  • Various type to choose——delicate design & can be customized
  • Suitable for all ages——kids & old people
  • Suitable for many places——amusement park & public squares & shopping mall
  • Attractive appearance——bright color and cartoon shape & LED lights


Depending on factories, our products selled directly from factories, no matter the price and quality will not disappointing you. At the same time, our excellent after-sale service is another advantages of our company.


Detailed Technical  Parameter of Amusement Park Carousel Rides

Amusement Park Carousel Rides Technical Parameters
Seats Power(kw) Diameter(m) Height(m) Speed(m/s) Voltage(v)
6 2 2.2 2.8 1.2 380
9 3 4 3.5 1.2 380
12 4 5 5 1.2 380
16 4 6 5.3 1.2 380
24 8.5 10 6.5 1.2 380
32 8.5 10 6.5 1.2 380

Advantages of Amusement Park Carousel Rides

  • Ecxellent after-sale service
  • Customized is available
  • Certificatea: ISO9001, CE, OHSASI8001, ISO14001
  • Competitive price
  • Fast delivery and convenient transportation
  • 24 hours online service

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