Hot sale 4 Rings Roller Coaster for Sale

Item Hot sale 4 Rings Roller Coaster for Sale
Capacity 16
Length 500m
Height 33m
Tel +86 18300703657

Roller coaster is essential and necessary for amusement park, which belongs to thrill rides. 4 rings roller coaster consists of sliding rails, columns, trains, traction systems, brake systems, electrical systems and other components. Our company select high quality materials and accessories, so you can believe us.


Detailed Technical Parameter of 4 Rings Roller Coaster

Hot Sale 4 Rings Roller Coaster Technical Parameter
Item Hot sale 4 Rings Roller Coaster for Sale
Capacity 16
Length(m) 500
Height(m) 33
Numbers of car 4
Speed(m/s) 70
Area(m) 90*40
Power(kw) 75

Features of Hot Sale 4 Rings Roller Coaster

  • Thrill rides——attracts plenty of youth
  • Safety insurance——equipped with seat belts and handrails
  • Guaranteed materials——FRP, with features of environmental, anti-corrosion, good stability long durability
  • Capacity and shape can be customized

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